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0000424OPIEPIM/PIM appspublic2002-11-07 00:562011-12-18 12:17
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Summary0000424: Todo: Add config choice to confirm action on \'completed\' items
DescriptionIt would be nice to see some way to confirm (if the user wanted) when to clear a completed item from the current view. Ideally, items which have the "completed" checkbox checked will be flagged, but not acted upon immediately, similar to how mutt deals with deleted messages. When the user is ready, she can hit the "remove completed items from view" button, and completed items would be purged at that time. Having the completed items dissappear immediately is hard to work with, particularly when an item is accidentally checked. Ideally, there should be a config option which determines whether a completed item dissappears without confirmation, pops up a "really completed?" dialog box, or just flags items as completed, to be purged later.
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zecke (developer)
2003-02-11 20:25

do we really need that? KDE just got a - because of too many options.
I'm against it but if you think its needed I can add it
reaper (reporter)
2003-02-11 21:17

Perhaps rather than having it be an option, just code it differently. The problem I have is that I have accidentally tapped the "completed" box on an item, and then have to search for 5 minutes to find the item I tapped -- my list is long enough that it's hard to know for sure what just dissappeared.

My preferred solutions are as follows, in order of preference:

1. When the user taps the "completed" area, put a checkmark there, but leave the item in view until some action is taken, like exiting the app or selecting a "refresh view" button/menu item. This would probably necessitate tracking one more piece of data per item, in the form of a temporary filter category, which could be removed once the item was cleared from the current view.

2. Add a menu item called "undo last action" which would reverse at least one level of action. This could be used to un-complete an item when it's accidentally completed.

3. Allow the user to sort completed items by completion date -- this would allow you to find that entry you just accidentally completed by viewing completed items and sorting for most recent completions first.

4. Add a config item called "confirm complete action" or similar, which would allow the user to choose whether a completed item would immediately dissappear or bring up a confirmation dialog: "really mark item completed? yes/no"

I like option 0000001 the best, since it mirrors the behavior of at least two Unix mail clients (mutt and pine), and seems fairly intuitive to me. The real problem is that the item immediately dissappears when it's been completed, and completing an item is far too easy to do accidentally.
BlueLightning (administrator)
2011-12-18 12:16

Finally fixed this issue by more or less implementing the first option - the item does get completed but the it will not be immediately re-sorted (nor hidden, if "Show completed tasks" is turned off); this will occur when the list is next refreshed.

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