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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0001934    Coreminoracknowledged2015-10-06Opie 1.2.6 Release
  00018242   Multimediafeatureresolved (BlueLightning)2012-04-07Cannot exit fullscreen mode in opie eye if i don't have buttons.
  00011013   Non-Core applicationsfeatureresolved (BlueLightning)2011-12-29Today\'s addressbook plugin does not show anniversaries for the owner contact
  00018281   PIM/PIM appsfeatureresolved (BlueLightning)2011-12-27Opie-todo should sort by deadline for default
  00018462   PIM/PIM appsfeatureresolved (BlueLightning)2011-12-27Contacts display organisation/buisness names
  00004243   PIM/PIM appsfeatureresolved (BlueLightning)2011-12-18Todo: Add config choice to confirm action on \'completed\' items
  00017771   PIM/PIM appsminorresolved (BlueLightning)2011-12-18todo and today interactions
  00019381   Build systemminorresolved (BlueLightning)2011-12-18launcher has hard dependency on libopiepim2
  00019401   Taskbar/Launcher/Pluginsminorresolved (BlueLightning)2011-12-13Screenshot applet uses handhelds scap service
  00019371   Non-Core applicationsminorresolved (BlueLightning)2011-11-28SysInfo always reports "(no USB found)"
  00017582   Multimediaminorresolved (BlueLightning)2011-06-26opie-eye
  00019251   Non-Core applicationsfeatureresolved (BlueLightning)2011-06-24bluetooth applet doesn't support bluetooth device connected to USB
  00017922   Core appsmajorresolved (BlueLightning)2011-06-24CF Bluetooth card not functional
  00017981   Non-Core applicationsminorresolved (BlueLightning)2011-06-24Opie can`t start bluetooth interface by BluetoothApplet
  00014182   Non-Core applicationsmajorresolved (BlueLightning)2011-06-24Bluetooth manager ipaq specific program
  00016842   Core appsmajorresolved (BlueLightning)2011-06-24Bluetooth not detected when using a USB bluetooth stick on SL-C1000
  00014172   Taskbar/Launcher/Pluginsmajorresolved (BlueLightning)2011-06-24opie blue tooth applet only usefull for bcsp devices
  0001720112 Miscmajorresolved (BlueLightning)2011-06-24opie bluepin don't works
  00019391   Build systemminorresolved (BlueLightning)2011-04-20libopiepim2 has hard dependency on libopiedb2
  0001936    Settingsfeatureassigned (BlueLightning)2011-04-08New network applet/settings using ConnMan
  00015522   PIM/PIM appsminorresolved (BlueLightning)2011-03-20Issues importing VCF file
  00015512   Coreminorresolved (BlueLightning)2011-03-20Contact sent from phone via IrDA added as file instead of contact
  00017004   Taskbar/Launcher/Pluginsminorresolved (BlueLightning)2011-03-16Blue tooth applet do not show off icon with discovery enabled.
  00018981   Coreblockresolved (BlueLightning)2010-12-13Opie 1.2.5 Release
  00018786   PIM/PIM appsminorresolved (BlueLightning)2010-12-13Support syncing in SQL backend
  0001805    Multimediaminoracknowledged2010-10-12Request for Opie-volumnapplet to work with ALSA
  00019281   Non-Core applicationsfeatureacknowledged2010-10-06Messenger application
  0001706    PIM/PIM appstweakacknowledged2010-10-05datebook sould use different colors to display entries, related to each category
  0001935    PIM/PIM appsminoracknowledged2010-09-06Support secure synchronisation
  000182910   Taskbar/Launcher/Pluginscrashconfirmed2010-09-04irdaapplet causes qpe to crash when sending files
  00018026   Taskbar/Launcher/Pluginsminorresolved (BlueLightning)2010-09-04Startmenu does not stay open
  00019222   Non-Core applicationscrashresolved (BlueLightning)2010-09-04OpieIRC crashes
  00019311   PIM/PIM appstweakresolved (BlueLightning)2010-08-15Make SQLite backends the default for 1.2.5
  00019105   PIM/PIM appsmajorresolved (BlueLightning)2010-02-02Large time jump causes Datebook problems
  00009652   PIM/PIM appsfeatureconfirmed2009-11-03calendar and long entries
   00004761   Non-Core applicationsfeatureacknowledged2009-11-03Opie-Backup: Add directories for Backing up...
  0001668    Coreminoracknowledged2009-11-03OFileSelector should show MountPoints instead of DeviceNames
  00015743   Non-Core applicationsminornew2009-11-02"Annoying" behaviour of Authentication
  0001504    Settingsminornew2009-11-02OPIE suspend on low Power
  00017521   PIM/PIM appsfeaturenew2009-11-02Alarm - hinge problems
  00017333   Settingsmajornew2009-11-02Settings - Light and Power - Deactivate LCD only
  00017381   Taskbar/Launcher/Pluginsminorconfirmed2009-11-02Automatic hinge rotation only works when Rotate applet is in the O-menu.
  000184941 Coremajorfeedback2009-11-02Missing Q_EXPORTs on OPIE core libs classes
  00003815   Core appsfeatureacknowledged2009-11-02Calendar: customizable alarm volume and/or sound
  00018313   Corefeatureresolved (BlueLightning)2009-10-29Default button combination to launch calibration
  00018992   PIM/PIM appsfeatureresolved (BlueLightning)2009-10-22Finish Datebook2 rewrite
  00019321   PIM/PIM appstweakresolved (BlueLightning)2009-10-22Replace datebook with datebook2
  00017211   Multimediafeatureresolved (BlueLightning)2009-10-12Feature Request: QCop API's to control volume levels
  000077461 Corefeatureacknowledged2009-10-11Need some sort of feedback when going to suspend mode
  00019091   Coreminorresolved (BlueLightning)2009-10-11Storage code thinks all SCSI disks are removable
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