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Applications of Opie

This section is currently under construction. Please add your favorite applications to make it more complete!

PIM and Productivity

checkbook.png Checkbook
Personal finance manager
DateBook.png DateBook
Appointment calendar
AddressBook.png Addressbook
Address book
TodoList.png Todo
Todo list
today_icon.png Today
Gives an overview of upcoming appointments and todos
OSearch.png Search
Allows you to search events, todos and contacts.
zsafe.png Zsafe
Password manager


bartender.png Bartender
Drink recipe database
dagger.png Dagger
Bible study program utilizing the Sword library
DrawPad.png DrawPad
Note taking program with basic drawing tools
Gutenbrowser.png Gutenbrowser
Etext reader for Project Gutenberg texts
opie-eye.png Opie-Eye
Image viewer
opie-write.png Write
Simple wordprocessor for reading/writing in the RTF
qpdf_icon.png QPDF
PDF reader
remote.png IR Remote
IR remote control
OpieSheet.png Sheet
Spreadsheet program
Tableviewer.png Table Viewer
XML database browser
TextEditor.png Text Editor
A simple text editor
tinykate.png TinyKate
Kate Text Editor for Opie
OpieReader.png Reader
Document reader for Plucker, gzipped text, plain text (inc PML and HTML), Mobipocket*, Rocket Ebook*, iSilo 3*, ppms, Weasel or ztxt and original Aportis Doc fomat. * = unencrypted


cam.png Camera
Opie Camera, Photo and Video Capturing Application for the Sharp CF-AG06 camera
OpiePlayer.png Media Player
The old Opie Media Player
OpiePlayer.png Media Player 2
The Mediaplayer for Opie. It plays mp3, mpeg, wav, ogg, quicktime, divx and more. Also it is streaming capable.
Opierec.png Recorder
Voice recorder
tonleiter.png Tonleiter
Music scales for string instruments


bluetooth-manager.png Bluetooth
Bluetooth device manager
appicon-trans.png Wellenreiter
A wireless network scanning tool
opieftp.png FTP
FTP client
opieirc.png IRC
IRC chat client
opie-mail.png Opie Mail
Opie's mail and news client featuring POP3, IMAP and NNTP - with and without SSL.
vnc.png VNC Viewer
A VNC viewer, control your desktop from your palm.


Appearance.png Appearance
Appearance settings for the Opie environment
Button.png Buttons
Button settings
CityTime.png City Time
Opie Time-zone / world clock settings
confedit.png Configuration Editor
Low-level editor for Opie settings files
doctab.png Document Tab
DocTab settings dialog for the Opie environment
Launcher.png Launcher
Launcher settings
Light.png Light and Power
Backlight and power usage settings
mediummount.png Medium Mount
Medium (SD, MMC, CF) mount settings
networksettings.png Network
Network settings
Security.png SSH
Security settings, many plugins to secure your palmtop


Calculator.png Calculator
Clock.png Clock
Clock and stop-watch
console.png Console
Terminal application
FileBrowser.png File Manager
The advanced file manager for Opie
HelpBrowser.png Help Browser
Opie Help Browser
odict.png Dictionary
Dictionary application
oxygen.png Oxygen
Periodic Table


aqpkg.png AQPkg (Package Manager)
packagemanager.png Package Manager
backupandrestore.png Backup and Restore
Backup and Restore utility
sshkeys.png SSH
Manage SSH Agent keys
SystemInfo.png System Info
Display information about the running system


Asteroids.png Asteroids
Game: shoot the asteroids
backgammon.png Backgammon
Backgammon Game
bounce.png Bounce
Bounce game
buzzword.png Buzzword
Buzzword bingo
chess.png Chess
Chess game
Fifteen.png Fifteen
Fifteen pieces game
Go.png Go
The game of Go
kbill.png Kill Bill
Kill Bill game
kpacman.png Kpacman
Pacman clone
Mindbreaker.png Mind Breaker
Mind breaker game. Crack the code...
MineHunt.png Mine Hunt
Mine hunt, suprisingly similar to mine sweeper.
oyatzee.png Yatzee
Yatzee game.
ParaShoot.png Para Shoot
Para Shoot game
sfcave.png SF Cave
SFCave for the palmtop. Fly the dot though the cave avoiding the walls.
Snake.png Snake
Snake game
Solitaire.png Solitaire
The classic patience card game
Tetrix.png Tetrix
Game: control falling blocks
Tictac.png Tic Tac Toe
Tic Tac Toe game
WordGame.png Word Game
A word game similar to Scrabble™. You can adjust the rules to match those of the classic board game.
zlines.png Zlines
A port of the Lines game
ZSame.png Zsame
A port of the Same game


Appearance.png Phase
Phase is an original GUI Style for Opie
Appearance.png Web
Web is an older KDE Style

3rd Party Applications

PIM and Productivity

  • Kopi icon.png KO/Pi will help you to organize and synchronize your tasks and events (appointments).
  • Zbedic icon.png ZBEDic - an electronic dictionary reader.



  • Corsair: Corsair, RSS/Podcast Aggregator


  • Puzzle icon 2.png Puzz-le is a colorful arcade logic game.
    Player uses the pointer device to pick up and move blocks around. When two or more similar blocks are next to each other, they will disappear. The goal is to eliminate all blocks on the given level. Beside colored blocks there are other various objects the player can interact with. This includes elevators, disappearing trap-blocks, fire pits etc...
  • Knights icon.png Knights is a fully fledged, extensible chess game.
  • Zudoku icon.png Zudoku is a version of the popular puzzle game Sudoku.
    You can generate an unlimited number of puzzles, enter them from newspapers, or create your own. Zudoku can help you solve the puzzles, or even solve them completely!


  • vncserver.png fbVNCserver, a VNC server, to be able to see your palmtop in a window on your desktop, and use in this window your desktop mouse and keyboard to type in your PDA.