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Where and how to contact us

We offer mailing lists for support and most of us are on IRC channels. If you are having difficulty installing or using Opie, on whatever device, you should subscribe to our mailing lists or try IRC.

Opie Mailing Lists

To subscribe, unsubscribe or simply browse the archive of one of the mailing lists, use the corresponding link below:

If you wish to track developer commits to our git repository you should use the monitoring features provided by github.

Opie IRC Chat

Use your favourite IRC client to connect to freenode and then join the #opie channel, or alternatively you can use freenode's webchat. All discussion should be in English.

Note that developers or advanced users may not always be around in IRC to answer questions; if you want to ask a question please just ask it and then if you don't get a response immediately, wait around a bit in case someone does arrive.

Contact us by E-Mail

In order to report a bug, make a feature request or submit a patch, please see the BugReport page for details on accessing our bug tracker. For general discussion or comments please use the mailing lists or IRC channels mentioned above.

For any website related queries or problems, you can e-mail the mailing list or any one of the Opie team members directly. Any Opie team member can correct the content of the web site.