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Key highlights of Opie

Opie Desktop

  • Sophisticated PIM framework (including an easy to use access API) with addressbook, todolist, today, mail, drawpad, datebook, texteditor and search-all-facility
  • Full network setup support through plugins (wlan, ethernet, ppp, irda)
  • Network based installation and setup management
  • Linux shell/terminal providing access to the operating system (for those who care)
  • Adaptive backlight settings and calibration (for devices with light sensors)
  • Multiple input plugins to ease data input
  • Network time support and time correction capabilities
  • Advanced security supporting Linux security services
  • Backup and Restore capabilities to CF/SD cards
  • Data exchange with Palms, PocketPC, mobile phones and other bluetooth/IrDa capable devices
  • Fully localized
  • Binary compatibility with Sharp Zaurus applications
  • Themes and styles to adapt look and feel to your personal flavor

Opie Applications

  • Today application featuring plugins for dates, todos, mail, birthdays, weather and stock values
  • Multimedia capabilities provided by the xine based opieplayer2 (featuring streaming audio and video) and image viewer
  • Palmdoc compatible opie-reader for ebook reading and, in cooperation with eg. Sunrise daily news coverage
  • PDF reader based on xpdf
  • IRC client, Konqueror web browser & mail reader
  • Synchronization with KDE PIM/Kolab, MS Outlook and Qtopia Desktop (3rd party tools necessary)
  • Voice memos
  • and many more...