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Opie Roadmap

Next release - 1.2.6

For proposed changes for the 1.2.6 release, see bug #1934.

1.2.6 will be a bugfix, minor feature and cleanup release. Areas of emphasis include a rework of Bluetooth functionality as well as improvements in networking.

The release should hopefully take place during early 2014. If you want to help out, please let us know :)


Opie is in maintenance mode in order to support older handheld devices, and there is no 2.x release planned. It is suggested that future Qt-based handheld efforts focus around Plasma Active or QtMoko.

Some information on related or derivative projects:

  • Qt Extended, the product from Qt Software formerly known as Qtopia, was discontinued. However, a community team has picked up development of a fork of the existing codebase and is working on releasing it as part of the QtMoko project. This targets phones (specifically the OpenMoko phone) rather than PDAs.
  • A Qtopia 4 based OpenPalmtopIntegratedEnvironmentII project was initially started by long-time Opie team member Lorn Potter but stalled before any release was made; Lorn went on to work on QtMoko.

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