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Current team members

PaulEggleton (bluelightning) bugfixes, OpieRemote, PIM/syncing, bug system maintenance, documentation, ...

Previous team members

ErikHovland (ehovland) bugfixes, stability

DmitriyKorovkin (korovkin) Bluetooth improvements

LornPotter (ljp) OpieRec, AdvancedFm, OpiePlayer, bugfixes

RajkoAlbrecht (ral/alwin) Opiemail, core system

JosiahBryan (josiah) OpieStyleGuide, DocCentric Approach, ...

StefanEilers (eilers) Pim-API/Backends, SqlSupport, Addressbook Application, Mac Support

HolgerFreyther (zecke) Opie hacker deluxe. Hands everywhere.

AlbertoGarciaHierro (skyhusker) OpieIRC enhancements, OpieStumbler, bugfixes

GregGilbert (treke) keypebble, input methods, bugfixes

RobertGriebl (sandman) Core, Device abstraction, and much more

MarcinJuszkiewicz (hrw) bugfixes, latin1 removal, hires fixes

ChrisLarson (kergoth) Core and Build System

MickeyLauer (mickeyl) Release-Master, Wellenreiter, Camera, Sysinfo, Core, Build System and Libraries

MaximilianReiss (harlekin) Core, OpiePlayer2, and much more

AndreasRichter (ar) Backup, Bugfixes, help here and there, Web, Bugtracker

ClementSeveillac (clem) Authentication system, documentation

DanWilliams (drw) Release-Master, SysInfo, Package Manager, and more


Many more people have also contributed to Opie than are listed here, both directly and indirectly. People who have committed changes to the code are shown in gitstats, and info on translators can be found in OpieTranslationProject. Thanks to all who have contributed! :)